Matte Black 7’6”, 2wt, 4pc Fly Rod Blank

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Our matte black 7'6", 2wt 4-piece carbon fiber fly rod blank is made from IM12 carbon and features a fast action flex which loads with precision. This blanks flexible tip allows you to accurately whip the fly right where you want it. It is the perfect choice for small streams and creeks. It has a tip over butt ferrule system and comes in its own rod sock.

Length: 7’6"
Line Weight: 2
Sections: 4
Butt OD: 7.6mm
Tip OD: 1.3mm
Tip Top Size: 3.5
Weight: .9oz

Guide Spacing:
1) 4.5”
2) 9.5”
3) 15.5”
4) 22.5"
5) 30.5”
6) 39.5”
7) 49.5”
8) 61.5”