Rod Blanks

We offer a wide selection of rod blanks made from carbon fiber material or premium S-Glass fiberglass. No matter whether it is made from carbon fiber or fiberglass, each comes in a wide variety of colors, lengths, actions and line weights. 

Our carbon fiber blanks typically feature a fast, medium/fast, or moderate action flex. The majority of these blanks are rated as IM8(30 to 36 ton), but we also provide a handful of IM12(40 ton) rated blanks for those looking for a higher modules blank. Each blank comes packaged in its own rod sock and features a tip over butt ferrule system.

Our fiberglass blanks made from premium S-Glass fiberglass for strength and durability and are traditionally moderate action blanks. We offer 3 piece blanks with spigot ferrules, as well as 4 piece blanks with a tip over butt ferrule system. Each blank also comes with its own rod sock.