Glossy Carbon 6’6”, 2wt, 4pc Fly Rod Blank

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Our glossy carbon 6'6", 2wt, 4-piece fly rod blank is the first in our series of new glossy carbon medium-fast action carbon fiber fly rod blanks. The length and action of this blank make it highly responsive and accurate. It is ideal for small creeks, streams and ponds. It has a tip over butt ferrule system and comes in its own black rod sock.

Length: 6’6”
Line Weight: 2
Sections: 4
Butt OD: 7.6mm
Tip OD: 1.4mm
Weight: .7oz
Suggested Tip Top Size: 3.5

Suggested Winding Check Size: 7.0

Guide Spacing:
1) 4”
2) 8.5”
3) 13.5”
4) 19”
5) 25”
6) 33"
7) 41.5”
8) 52