Light Blue 6', 1wt, 4pc Fiberglass Fly Rod Blank

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This light blue 6’, 1wt, 4-piece s-glass fiberglass fly rod blank is a translucent blank that offers a smooth medium-fast action. When you need a rod for those small tight spaces, this is the go to blank. It is the perfect for small streams and creeks and is a customer favorite for catching sun fish, crappy and the occasional small mouth bass. This blank loads up with a tip over butt ferrule system and comes in its own black rod sock. 

Length: 6'
Line weight: 1
Sections: 4
Butt OD: 10.2mm
Tip Top OD: 1.4mm
Weight: 1.1oz
Suggested Tip Top Size: 3.5
Suggested Winding Check Size: 8mm
Guide Spacing:
1) 4"
2) 9"
3) 15"
4) 21"
5) 28"
6) 35"
7) 43"